Local stimuli to enhance target drug delivery via PS portal
The concept of tumor-targeted therapeutics is based on the use of conjugates consisting of ligands binding to tumor associated receptors that deliver cytotoxic agents selectively to tumors, while sparing normal tissue from destruction. Recently it was demonstrated that endothelial cells lining tumor vasculature and stressed tumor cells express PS while being alive. AnnexinA5 (anxA5) is a well-explored probe to target PS expressing cells in vitro as well as in vivo and is able to enter the cell by a novel cell-entry pathway. The virtual laboratory of Euregional PACT II has explored and generated a fusion of anxA5 and a toxin (anxA5-toxin) with cancer cell killing activity. The ELEKTRON project searches new and innovative stimuli to trigger PS expression in cancer cells to improve selective uptake of anxA5-toxin and to enhance thereby treatment efficacy while reducing undesirable side-effects.

Euregional PACT II has received financial support from the Interreg IVA program of Grensregio Vlaanderen-Nederland (project IVA-VLANED-1.20).

The ELEKTRON project is a cross-border collaboration in the Euregion Flanders-Netherlands and is realized by financial support from the Interreg IVA program of Grensregio Vlaanderen-Nederland (IVA-VLANED-3.67).

Contact persons and partners of the ELEKTRON project are


Dhr Moonen

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University of Antwerp

Prof Dr Bogers

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University of Maastricht

Prof Dr Reutelingsperger

c dot reutelingsperger at maastrichtuniversity dot nl

Xenon New Technologies

Dhr Van den Bossche

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